Nursing Assistant Program(NAP)

Programme Objective

COURSE DESCRIPTION The course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform basic care services for a patient (acute care setting) or resident (long-term care setting). It prepares the student to function in the role of nursing assistant under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). This course is designed to meet the curriculum requirements of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). The basic nursing assistant proficiency examination is the State-approved competency evaluation, with both written and manual skills components. The course requires the student to complete 93 hours of classroom lecture, perform 40 hours in a clinical setting, and successfully demonstrate 21 manual patient/resident care skills. Satisfactory completion of the course provides eligibility to take the IDPH established competency written examination for State certification as a certified nursing assistant. Prerequisites: Placement testing scores of 64 for English/Reading and 50 for Arithmetic, with two (2) attempts at passing; Successful completion of NUR 104 Socialization into the Nursing Assistant Career with a grade of “C” or better. Nature of Work: Nursing assistants perform routine duties in caring for patients or residents. Care tasks delegated by the nurse to the assistant include: transferring a patient/resident from the bed to a chair or wheelchair; walking or performing range of motion exercises; bathing, showering, shaving or providing oral hygiene for a patient/resident; feeding; changing bed linens; and maintaining cleanliness of the patient/resident’s general surroundings. The nursing assistant is proficient in taking a temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and other patient/resident vital measurements, and reporting the results back to the nurse. The practice of good hand hygiene and patient/resident safety is expected at all times in the clinical

Eligibility : 10+2/equivalent
Programme Fee : 35000 for one and half year
Examination Fee : Examination Fees per annum 2000/-
Registration Fee : Registration Fees one time 1200/-
Prospectous Fee : Prospectus one time 1000/-
Minimum Duration : six-month
Maximum Duration : 1-years
Preparatory Module :
First 1-2 week
Course Name Credit
Introduction to the Basic Nursing Assistant course 4
Discussion and collection of all required documents
Skills lab
Hand washing 4
Bed making 4
Measure and record vital signs (Basics) Skill
Appling transfer belt and ambulating with transfer belt Skill 4
3-4 week
Course Name Credit
Measure and record vital signs (blood pressure, temperature pulse, respirations) 4
Transferring to a wheelchair using a gait belt
Transferring using a mechanical lift
Intake and output
Side lying position
Course Name Credit
Partial bath Skill 4
Perineal care Skill 4
Shower and tub baths
Oral hygiene 6
Shaving a resident 4
Catheter care 4
Nail care 4
Feeding a resident Skill 4
Apply and remove Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Skill 4
Dressing a resident Skill 4
Course Name Credit
Specimen collection (urine, stool, sputum) 4
Height and weight Skill
Practice on all learned skills

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