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M. Tech. in Electronics Engineering (Specialization: Microwave Engineering)

Programme Objective

M.Tech. Electronics or Master of Technology in electronics MTech (Electronics) Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) The graduates shall be able to: 1. Apply technical skills to create, find solutions and corrective measures of complex problems encountered in Electronics Engineering of specific and global prospective. 2. Adopt changing technologies in context of Electronics Engineering through critical observations, survey and experimentation independently or coordinately. 3. Satisfy Stakeholders, acquire professional & intellectual integrity and able to do research & development. Programme Outcomes (POs) The graduates shall be able to: PO1: Acquire in-depth knowledge of electronics engineering with an ability to discriminate, evaluate, analyze and synthesize and integration of electronics systems. PO2: Analyze complex electronics engineering problems and apply independent judgement for synthesizing information to make intellectual and/or creative advances for conducting research in a wider theoretical, practical and policy context. PO3: Think laterally and originally, conceptualize and solve electronics engineering problems to evaluate feasible, optimal solutions by considering public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental factors. PO4: Conduct investigations through literature survey and experiments and apply appropriate research methodologies, techniques and tools, design, conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, demonstrate higher order skill and view things in a broader perspective to contribute individually/in group(s) to the development of scientific/technological knowledge in electronics engineering and allied areas. PO5: Use appropriate techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools including simulation and modeling necessary for defining engineering problems with hypothesis. PO6: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse technical teams and demonstrate decision-making based on open-mindedness, objectivity and rational analysis in order to achieve common goals. PO7: Demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of engineering principles the same to one’s own work, manage projects efficiently PEO3. They will be able to channelize their knowledge base, business links and social contacts into socially beneficial activities. PEO4 To create an academic environment where all are involved, and where teaching & learning are both a pleasure and are seen as positive gain.

Eligibility : B-TECH(electronics and commu.)
Programme Fee : Tuition fee 65000 per/sem.
Examination Fee : Examination Fees per annum 2000/-
Registration Fee : Registration Fees one time 1200/-
Prospectous Fee : Prospectous one time 1000/-
Minimum Duration : 2 years
Maximum Duration : 4 years
Minimum Counselling : It is based on credits and one credit amounts to 10 hours counselling and hand-on experience at DESC.
Preparatory Module :
First sem.
Course Name Credit
Signal Processing 7
Electromagnetic Field Theory and Microwave antennas 7
Microwave O-Type Tubes 6
Elective-I 6
Elective-II 6
Practical 6
ElectiveI/II(Mathematics, Microwave Circuits and Measurements,Vacuum and Tube Technology,MIC and MMIC Remote Sensing,Microwave Solid State Devices and Applications 6
Second sem.
Course Name Credit
Open elective (from other Departments/School- approved by the Department <6/td>
Elective-III 6
Elective-IV 6
Elective-V 7
Elective-VI 6
Practical/Project 1
Seminar 1
Third sem.
Course Name Credit
Seminar on Dissertation <6/td>
Dissertation-Interim Evaluation 6
Fourth sem.
Course Name Credit
Dissertation Open Defence 6
Dissertation Evaluation 6
Electives: I & II (any approved two from the following): 1. AM-5105A: Mathematics 2. EC-5111: Microwave Circuits and Measurements 3. EC-5112: Vacuum and Tube Technology 4. EC-5113: MIC and MMIC 5. EC-5114: Remote Sensing 6. EC-5134: Microwave Solid State Devices and Applications Electives: III, IV, V & VI (any approved two from the following): 1. EC-5211: Computer Aided Design of Microwave Tubes 2. EC-5212: Microwave M-Type Tubes 3. EC-5213: Radar Systems 4. EC-5214: Microwave Communication Systems 5. EC-5215: Countermeasures 6. EC- 5216: Satellite Communication 7. EC- 5217: Fast wave Devices 8. EC- 5241: Mobile Communication System and Wireless Network 9. EC- 5250: Optical Communication 3 6
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