Registrion for Entrance Exam.
Diploma in Architecture Engineering
Eligibility : 10th/(10+2)MINIMUM 50% MARKS
Programme Fee : Tuition Fees per Year 35000/-
Examination Fee : Examination Fees per sem 2000/-
Registration Fee : Registration Fees one time 1200/-
Prospectous Fee : Prospectous one time 1000/-
Minimum Duration : 3/2 years
Maximum Duration : 4 years
Minimum Counselling : It is based on credits and one credit amounts to 10 hours counselling and hand-on experience at DESC.
Preparatory Module :
This course is based on the job required to perform by the Junior Architect/Draftsperson (Diploma engineers) at different levels of public and private sectors physical infrastructures development related architecture engineering works in Nepal. Therefore, this curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills focusing on architecture Engineering related to the occupation. There are six semesters in total within the period of three years. The first year courses are offered focusing on foundational and core subjects of engineering; the second year courses are focused on basic disciplinary subjects of architecture Engineering. Similarly, the third year whole courses comprise of the disciplinary subjects related to building design, construction and working drawings. Moreover, the third year insists on the application of learned skills and knowledge through the Quantity surveying, specification and project work. The foundational subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are offered in diffusion model of curricular programme are applicable in the field of architecture Engineering. It also includes language subjects like Nepali and English applicable for the communication in the same area. The disciplinary subjects of architecture Engineering are offered in this programme are included in all semesters. The curriculum structure and the subject wise content that reflect the details of this curriculum. In brief, this curriculum will guide to its implementers to produce competent and highly employable middle level technical workforces in the field of architecture engineering. The contents of individual subjects prescribed in the curriculum are incorporated in the light of "must know and must do" principle of knowledge and skills for this level
Semester I
Courses Code Courses Title Courses Credits
EG 1102 SH Communication English 3
EG 1103 SH Engineering Mathematics I 3
EG 1104 SH Engineering Physics I 3
EG 1105 SH Engineering Chemistry I 3
EG 1101 AR Engineering Drawing I 3
EG 1102 CE Workshop Practice I (Brick laying) 1
EG 1102 AR Tracing and Visualization I 1
EG 1103 AR Measured Drawing & Drafting I 1
Total Semester Credits 16
Semester II
Courses Code Courses Title Courses Credits
EG 1201 SH Engineering Mathematics II 3
EG 1202 SH Engineering Physics II 3
EG 1203 SH Engineering Chemistry II 3
EG 1203 CE Workshop Practice II (Wood work) 3
EG 1201 AR Engineering Drawing II 2
EG 1204 CE Building Materials 2
EG 1211 CT Computer Application 3
EG 1202 AR Measured Drawing & Drafting II 3
EG 1203 AR Freehand Drawing & Composition I 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Semester III
Courses Code Courses Title Courses Credits
EG 2101 AR Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) I 3
EG 2104 SH Engineering Mathematics III 2
EG 210 2 AR Surveying I 1
EG 2103 AR Freehand Drawing & Composition II 1
EG 2104 AR Perspective 1
EG 2105 AR Architectural Model Making I 1
EG 2108 CE Building Materials II 1
EG 2109 CE Building Construction I 1
EG 2106 AR Building Services I 1
Total Semester Credits 15
Semester IV
Courses Code Courses Title Courses Credits
EG 2201 AR Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) II 3
EG 2202 AR Surveying II 3
EG 2203 AR Graphics & Presentation I 3
EG 2206 SH Social Studies 3
EG 2204 AR Architectural Model Making II 2
EG 2207 CE Building Construction II 1
EG 2205 AR Building Services II 1
EG 2206 AR Working Drawing I 1
EG 2207AR Building Design I 1
Total Semester Credits 15
Semester V
Courses Code Courses Title Courses Credits
EG 3101 SH Technical Communication 3
EG 3102 SH Society and Culture 3
EG 3108 CE Workshop Practice III (Plumbing) 3
EG 3101 AR Site Supervision 3
EG 3109 CE Elementary Structures I 2
EG 3110 CE Building Construction III 1
EG 3110 CE Building Construction III 1
EG 3102 AR Building Design II 1
EG 3103 AR Working Drawing II 1
EG 3104 AR Graphics & Presentation II 1
EG 3111 CE Quantity Surveying I 1
Total Semester Credits 15
Semester VI
Courses Code Courses Title Courses Credits
EG 3219 EE Workshop Practice IV (Electrical) 3
EG 3201 AR Construction Management 3
EG 3208 CE Elementary Structures II 3
EG 3202 AR Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) III 2
EG 3203 AR Professional Management, Laws & Valuation 6
EG 3209 CE Building Construction IV 6
EG 3204 AR Working Drawing III 6
EG 3201 MG Entrepreneurship Development 6
EG 3210 CE Quantity Surveying II 6
EG 3210 CE Quantity Surveying II 6
EG 3205 AR Project Work 6
Total Semester Credits 17
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