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Master of science Biotechnology

Programme Objective

About the Programme:M.Sc., Biotechnology is a 2 year postgraduate program that is divided into 4 semesters. This programme is to develop the students theoretically knowledgeable and experimentally competent in the field of Biotechnology. This programme is designed in a way that it provides adequate knowledge of advanced Biotechnology and related subjects such as Advanced Biochemistry, Applied Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Bioprocess Technology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Omics and Genome Editing etc. The programme will facilitate students get skills and learn techniques in biological science. This advanced programme can help students in taking a career in Research as well as getting employed in companies like pharma, healthcare, agri-based and many other life science sectors.

Eligibility :
Programme Fee : Tuition Fees per semester 25000/-
Examination Fee : Examination Fees per annum 1000/-
Registration Fee : Registration Fees one time 1500/-
Prospectous Fee : Prospectous one time 1000/-
Minimum Duration : 2 years
Maximum Duration : 4 years
Minimum Counselling : It is based on credits and one credit amounts to 10 hours counselling and hand-on experience at DESC.
Preparatory Module :
Course Name Credit
Biochemistry and Metabolic Regulation 7
Microbiology and Microbial Technology 7
Cell and Cancer Biology 6
Bioanalytical Techniques and Biophysics 6
Lab I 6
Course Name Credit
Genetics and Molecular Biology <6/td>
Enzymology and Enzyme technology 6
Immunology and Stem cell 6
Genetic Engineering and Gene therapy 7
Lab II 7
Course Name Credit
Bioprocess and fermentation technology <6/td>
Plant and animal Biotechnology 6
Plant and animal Biotechnology 6
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 7
Environmental Biotechnology 7
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and drug designing 7
Lab III 7
Course Name Credit
Major Project-Dissertation <6/td>
Genomics and Proteomics 6
Research Methodology and Biostatistics 6
Medical biotechnology IPR and Bioethics 7
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